Team of dedicated developer expertise in accomplishing their assigned task, always eager to take new challenges, puting effort to make louder sound with mind & hand. We believe in continuous improvement, wherein we accept new challenges to accomplish. We are actively participating in development of readymade solutions as well customized requirement based application to support Client in doing easy business with our support system making them to stand next to next level in market. We offer ready & proved solutions to academic institutes, coaching classes, colleges, etc.

Another popular module is point of sale with varieties of operation mode starting from B2B to B2C products with reasonable cost. We undertake development covering wide range with major task in php, CSS, Bootstrap, html, JAVA, iOS, Android, DBMS.


The term turn-key project (Turn-key delivery) describes a project ( or the delivery of such) in which the supplier or provider is responsible to the client for the entire result of the project and presents it to the client completely finished and ready to use. In fact, the client should be able “just to turn the key.” The supplier of a turn-key project is called the general contractor (or main supplier, direct supplier or main contractor).

Turn-key projects in practice: In a turn-key project, the supplier takes on complete responsibility for the adherence to delivery dates, the scope and the cost of the entire subject of delivery to the customer. The customer thus is not affect by any risks inside the project and the result of the project is covered by one agreement. Deliveries in the form of turn-key projects are used in many areas, e.g. in IT (turn-key implementation of information systems), engineering, large construction projects, civil engineering and a number of other areas. Turn-key project are usually very complex and may involve the development and design, the production and the delivery and set-up or installation of the project.


Team of volunteers and professional, to achieve common goal set for 2022 to participate in most challenging car racing event of the world, forcing efforts to create- join, raise, people – people, participants & fund to set a milestone in history of car racing. Register your team for IndianATV events.. In order to achieve long term targets, there are short terms goals to achieve, which will be put forth into action which includes joining people, development of track, development of competitive vehicle. This development required good dedicated people & basic infrastructure which includes track as well. This track can be used to test the vehicle as well will be made open for local challenge either for professional or for students. A screening will be made through this racing & will be offered with position in team. There are severe activities planned for processional & automotive enthusiastic students, Off road vehicle competition for professionals & students. Go cart racing for professionals & students. Mud Biking Monster truck area Electrical vehicle competition for students.


This division aims to deliver best industrial knowledge to young budding engineers as well to leaning profession to help them hold tight in stream of rapidly changing technology. Team of expert are dedicatedly involved in development of industry ready & accepted curriculum with various aspect of engineering resulting beautiful blends of mellowed human power for changing industry. Most demanded training modules include rapid prototyping with open source software, and training on automobile trending with wide range of subject. Several modules with software development skills is also developed & delivered to student apart from in-house training module. Apart from regular training, training on demand is facilitated by TNA module to fulfil the need of industry for better yield of organization.